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Introduction to Scottish Country Dancing

Have you done other types of dance and would like to try this unique form of dance?

Using the same rhythms as ceilidh dancing we introduce 3 core steps and fun formations: Figure of Eight, Rights & Lefts, and a wee reel or two.

7 classes finishing with a dance to live music.

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Ceilidh Dancing for Beginners

Learn the Scottish Ceilidh Dances done at every social occasion or wedding: Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow and others.

Informal classes for beginners only. Suitable for all ages and abilities. No steps!

The Accredited tutors ensure everyone has a lot of fun.

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A fun night out of music, dance and entertainment. Come along, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

All the Party dances are easy and can be picked up by watching others. We do a few 70's & 80's floor fillers as well - remember Greased Lightning and Spirit in the Sky.

Fore those wanting to dance but not having been to a ceilidh before there will be a quick display and walk through of the dances an hour before the event.

A caller will be there all evening to tell you what to do in each dance.

To learn ceilidh dances see Ceilidh Dancing for Beginners.

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Scottish Country Dancing Continuation Class

This class expands your repertoire of dances to include those popular in all parts of the British Isles: Mairie's Wedding, Posties Jig, Trip to Glasgow & many more.

Steps are "polished up" and new formations taught.

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Scottish Country Dancing Group

If you want to progress your dancing to learn more complicated formations and dance with energy and style - this is for you.

Indulge your body and mind in dance.

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Monthly Dance

Suitable for beginners to practice everything you have learned in class, indeed to show off your moves.

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Scottish Country Dance

A night of Scottish Country Dances suitable for anyone confident in the core formations and steps.

A live band energises and a delicious supper sustains.

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Scottish Ball

A ball is a celebration, an occasion often held at the end of the dancing year.

An opportunity to dress up, mingle with dancing friends from other groups over a welcome cocktail and dance up an appetite for the lavish dinner.

The live band will play their hardest as the dancers reel into the small hours.

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Scottish Country Dance suitable for beginners

Easy Scottish Country Dances suitable for anyone who has attended a Scottish Country Dance class for less than one year.

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Ceilidh in Scotland

Check out the ceilidh if you're visiting Scotland or get a group together and take a trip.

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Ceilidhs and Country Dances worldwide

From Kamloops in British Columbia to Japan and downtown Rotterdam there is a Scottish Country Dance or Ceilidh happening.


We like the sound of these ones.

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